Existential Contractualism


Most libertarian political theories are historically grounded in the Natural Rights philosophy like Rothbard, Locke, and Aquinas; consequentalist philosophy like Mises and Mill;  or the Objectivism of Ayn Rand. I’m here to propose something radically new, a synthesis of libertarianism and existential philosophy. 

The major existentialist are known for being feudalists, (Kierkegaard and Nietzches), socialists (Ponty, Sartre, and Camus), or Nazis (Heidegger). How a philosophy known for being radically individualist was espoused by authoritarians I am not sure. But I do believe existentialism does intrinsically imply any sort of authortian politics.

In fact the tenants of existentialism, when combined with the theories of Robert Nozick and John Locke, gives us a concise libertarian political theory.

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Published by

Manu Belmonte

Senior Editor at The Credible Hulk Magazine and writer at my personal blog learninghayek.wordpress.com

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